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Contractor List

Many times we put off those small needed repairs or cosmetic fixes telling ourselves, “I’ll get to it next week.” Next week keeps dragging on to the next and next and we continue the cycle and then find that quite a few years have passed and now we are ready to sell and still never tackled those projects. However, when you have decided to sell, you can no longer put those projects off if they will hurt your home’s value or appeal. This time, it’s for real.

Below is my contractor list of reasonable and reliable contractors. I will periodically update and add to it. You can also use www.ServiceMagic.com, they are a great web resource for finding licensed reputable contractors. All are rated and come with detailed customer reviews.



Richard Schell, J.R.
Licensed Electrician
Residential and Commercial
Cell: 781-308-0075




Rich Cronin.
Licensed Plumbing/Heating
Residential and Commercial
Cell: 617-799-4003




Veritas Roofing.
Licensed Roofer
Residential and Commercial
Cell: 781-363-6185


Windows & Siding:


Reliable Windows & Siding
Residential and Commercial
Cell: 800-557-9973


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